Coordinating Paint Color Options

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Wanting to get the paint color options that our designers suggest with fabrics you want to use?   We will give you 3 paint color options that we know match the fabrics in the scheme.   We will email you your 3 colors showing the fabric swatches alongside the paint swatches and the paint codes and names.  We will also attach our sheen suggestions for various surfaces. 

We do always suggest trying out the paints in your actual space.  Many factors can effect the color once on the wall.  Lighting can alter colors significantly (do you have cool bulbs or warm bulbs?)  Furthermore, the more coats of paint used, the more saturated a color becomes.  Sheens of paint also change the reflective qualities of the paint, which can make paint colors appear different in person from the paint swatches.  Plaster is naturally more reflective vs. drywall.   See... so many factors.  ;). The colors we suggest will give you great colors to choose from.  

Pillow Cover Sizing

All covers are made to fit standard pillow forms. Purchase your covers based on your insert size. For example, a 22" insert needs a 22" cover (because it will be sewn around 21"). Makes life a little simpler!

Quick note: All items are made to order specifically for you! Please allow 3-4 business weeks from time of order for completion.

Please contact me before purchasing if you have any questions. Thank you!

Make it custom

Need more in depth design assistance? Need help matching other fabrics in your space, matching paint colors and so on? Our designers can help from top to bottom. Let us quote out your project, insuring your space is beautifully coordinated and the process is painless! Email the team at

Return Policy

All items are custom made to the specifications provided in the order. Our goal is to get to work on your project super fast and that begins with ordering the goods needed to provide you with just what you are wanting as quickly as possible! Because of this, all sales are final upon order, and we do not take returns as they were made just for you!  

If you feel you have purchased something in the wrong size, fabric, etc, please reach out within 24hrs so that we can make any necessary adjustments. 

Since we provide the opportunity to purchase a swatch of fabric prior to ordering, we will not accept returns based on color, texture, print size, etc.