Wheaton Whaley Home - designer curated pillow, bedding, drapery combinations

Production Timeline

We make every item special for each client. Because of this, current production can take 4-6 weeks. Of course, our goal is to get items out in record time, so if they are complete prior to that timeline, we will ship them out. We do ship complete, but if you'd like shipments sent as ready, please reach out for a shipping quote.

Pillow Set-up

Below you will find pillow arrangements for king-sized, queen-sized and twin-sized beds.
Wheaton Whaley Home - pillow combinations for king sized bed
Wheaton Whaley Home - pillow combinations for queen sized bed
Wheaton Whaley Home - pillow combinations for twin sized bed

Pillow Finishes

What do the different "finish" options look like? We're glad you asked!

Knife Edge

Knife edge is the least expensive and fastest turnaround time! There is no fancy edging around the cover.

Wheaton Whaley Home - Knife Edge Pillows

Piped or Welt Edge

Piped or welt edge is our most popular finish! You can choose between a self (face fabric) or contrast welt. If you choose contrast welt, we will reach out to you to help select a fabric for the welt. The cover pictured features a contrast welt. 

Wheaton Whaley Home - Piped/Welted Edge Pillow

Flange Edge

Our newest offering is a flange edge. Most clients choose self flange, but we do offer contrast flange on most of our listings.

Wheaton Whaley Home - Flange Edge Pillow

How to measure for pillow covers

Curious about what size cover to purchase because you already have inserts? That's an easy one! Purchase covers that are the same size as your insert. Do NOT size down or up. We sew our covers "down" to take the guess work out of it! 

For example, a 22" cover (which we describe as "cover sewn to fit insert size") will be sewn around 21" inches so that your 22" insert fits nice and fluffy! Your pillow will look 20" when it is stuffed with your 22" insert.

Don't have inserts? Well that's even better! Order our inserts in the same size as your covers. If you order the wrong size, we will reach out to confirm with you!

Click here to order inserts!

Wheaton Whaley Home - How to measure for drapery

How to measure for drapery

Wheaton Whaley Home - How to measure for drapery

**** It's best to start fresh when measuring. That means not using a rod that is currently hanging up or measuring off older drapes which can cause issues with fit in the end.

Are you having trouble figuring out what size drapes will fit your space best or just need a little measuring guidance?

Since we are not a fully bespoke workroom, we do not do on site measures. We are happy to help guide you with tips on how to measure in order to figure out the right fit for you.

Here is what we need from you to help you find your best fit:

  • Measurement from the floor to the ceiling or to the bottom of the crown molding if molding exists.
  • Measurement from the floor to the top of the window molding.
  • The width of the window (from outside of the casing on one side to the outside of the casing on the other side).

If you need help with the hardware, we need to know further info:

  • If there is anything on either side of the windows we need to be aware of? (Are they close to a cabinet, or piece of furniture on either side?)
  • Are there any plantation shutters or roman shades? (If so, how far out do they come off the wall?)
  • Please send us the count of windows and any pictures you can.
  • If you need advice on what fabrics and trim to use, we can guide you there too!

Header Styles Offered: Left to Right:

2 fold Euro, 3 fold Euro, 2 finger pinch pleat, 3 finger pinch pleat.